The Environment Group has taken on three major tasks:  climate change awareness; activism on environmental issues like pipeline construction; and advancement of alternative energy solutions.

Issue Coordinator:

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

has been cancelled

Dominion Energy and Duke Energy are not going ahead with the project, which was billions of dollars over budget and missing key permits.


In April 2020, the Virginia House and Senate passed the Clean Economy Act, requiring Dominion to be 100 percent carbon-free by 2045 and to build a large off-shore wind farm.


Also, the future of pipeline permitting is more uncertain since a judge's ruling regarding the Keystone XL pipeline. (A day after the ACP cancellation, another judge ordered the shutdown of the Dakota Access Pipeline.) 


But the pipeline battle is not over yet.


The Mountain Valley Pipeline is approximately 92 percent complete in West Virginia and Virginia, creating a huge scar across our neighboring counties to the south.


MVP is planned to extend into North Carolina, and requires more permits. We need to fight the completion of the MVP and keep the gas out of the pipes.

Seeking solutions

for city recycling

The City of Lexington has discontinued its recycling program.


The Environment Committee is exploring possible solutions. In the meantime, city residents can take sorted tin & aluminum cans and flattened cardboard to AutoRecyclers at 1400 Sycamore Avenue in Buena Vista. (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9-5 and Saturday 9-12.) Plastic and mixed paper are not accepted. 


Questions: City residents, are you prepared to pay for recycling? Does anyone know an enterprising individual with a truck or trailer who would make a delivery to Buena Vista once or twice a month?


Let us know at 50waysrockbridge@gmail.com.

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