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We're gathering information every day on what is available in our area to make life easier during the coronavirus pandemic. Check back here often.

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Little Hat

Creek Farm

        This farm in Roseland is taking pre-orders for the Wednesday Farmers Market and also offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxed-produce service.


     Visit the farm at littlehatcreek.com.


        This website sources items from local farmers. Order on line by Sunday to pick them up at the Wednesday Farmers Market. 



Keeping us informed

     Main Street Lexington is maintaining a listing of the status of local businesses.


     Submit updates to


     The News-Gazette is providing low-cost ad rates for any business that needs to update the public on its status. The ads run in a block every week.

    The paper is also running a weekly list of stores that are open to the public.


Farmers Market

    The Lexington Farmers Market is open Wednesdays 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. downtown on Jefferson Street. The vendors have worked with the city to set up procedures to make the outdoor market safe and accessible, following recent COVID-19 guidelines, said manager Brian Ross:

     • No booth is next to another.

     • No customers are allowed inside booths. 

   • Only vendors, who wear masks and gloves, are allowed to touch produce or sale items.     • One customer is allowed at a booth at a time.

     • Six-foot distancing is required. 

   • Customers are encouraged to pre-order items and pick them up from vendors.

     Visit the Farmers Market on Facebook for information on pre-ordering. 



Advice to read

    A free-access story in the New York Times advises what to do when people around you aren't following social distance standards.

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