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Voter Action: Politics 2024

The Voter Action group focuses on the political life of our county. In this crucial election year, we are working in groups to provide accurate, actionable information to voters. We are organizing postcard-sending events, blanketing the area with information about candidates, registering voters and fighting back against disinformation. Please contact the coordinators listed here to donate your time and energy to Get Out the Vote efforts. Please read the Talking Points below to talk convincingly with fellow voters.

GOTV Coordinators:

Postcard writing:
Daphne Raz

LexRock Dems cooperation:
Jade Harris

Letters to the Editor:
Annette Greene

Newsletter and Information Campaign, 
Veterans Outreach
Write for contact info:

Time to get involved in public life:
Local councils, boards  need candidates

Local boards and commissions are seeking candidates, and 50 Ways Rockridge encourages fellow citizens to run.


Election Day 2024 will see Rockbridge County voters choosing candidates for a variety of local positions, including a number on local city and town councils.


They include:

  •  Three City Council  seats and the mayor's position for Lexington.

  •  Three open seats on Glasgow Town Council.

  •  One open seat for Buena Vista City Council. 

  • Lexington School board has three open seats.

      Lexington City Council will also select new members for the Planning commission and the Architecture Review Board.

50 Ways Rockbridge has compiled a list of positions and information about how to apply or run for them. 

For the entire list, click here.


Sharpen your pencils 
to write some postcards

50 Ways Rockbridge is hosting a postcard writing initiative organized nationally by Postcards to Swing States.

We invite you to join us!

What we provide:

  • Postcards targeted to Swing States

  • Addresses of targeted Democratic leaning voters

  • Short script of 3 sentences

What you provide:

  • Handwritten script and address

  • Postcard Stamps

We will be providing the postcards in May, with a mail date in October. 

Please email our postcard program coordinator, Daphne Raz, with the number of postcards you think you can write. We recommend 100 per person, since we will have a lot of time to write them.

At $.50 per postcard, mailing them is an investment on your part of $50 in this effort. That's not an inconsequential amount, but we hope not overwhelming.

However, if you need help with stamps, please let us know, and we will do our best to help subsidize the effort.



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