Voter Action: Politics 2021

The Voter Action issues group focuses on the political life of our county. Members meet monthly, help plan political events and work on campaigns that reflect the values of 50 Ways Rockbridge members. We have organized postcard-sending events, blanketed the area with information about candidates, registered voters and sought ballot signatures for candidates.

Issue Coordinators:

Chris Gavaler

For information on the next virtual meeting, please email one of the coordinators.

Virtual debates continue March 11:

Sign up to register at this link

Sign virtual petitions

for statewide candidates

A Richmond Circuit Court decision has made it possible for all statewide candidates to collect by internet the 10,000 signatures needed to be placed on the Virginia ballot. Go to this website to sign petitions for candidates for governor, lieutenant governor or attorney general.

How to listen to the forum 

on diversity in public life

To access the recording of the forum, use this link and password: 

Passcode: 9p.$*1OX

Note: O is not a zero; it is a capital O.

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50 Ways Rockbridge is a group of concerned citizens from Rockbridge County, Virginia, working together to research, educate, and act on major issues that affect all of the 50 United States, especially Virginia and our local area. Our guiding political principles are inclusion and fairness.

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