Voter Action: Politics 2021

The Voter Action issues group focuses on the political life of our county. Members meet monthly, help plan political events and work on campaigns that reflect the values of 50 Ways Rockbridge members. We have organized postcard-sending events, blanketed the area with information about candidates, registered voters and sought ballot signatures for candidates.

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How to get involved in public life:

A guide and some opportunities

Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County and its towns have a wide variety of boards and commissions, some in common, that rely on citizen members. All have elected positions that come open on a routine basis.

50 Ways Rockbridge has compiled a list of positions and information about how to apply or fun for them. 

Below are examples of positions that are currently open or will become open this year:

  • Rockbridge County School Board

  • Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Board of Directors

  • Regional Library Board of Trustees

  • Economic Development Authority

  • Planning Commission

  • Lexington Disability Services Board

  • Regional Tourism Board

For the entire list, click here.

Issue Coordinators:

Chris Gavaler

For information on the next virtual meeting, please email one of the coordinators.

How to listen to the forum 

on diversity in public life

To access the recording of the forum, use this link and password: 

Passcode: 9p.$*1OX

Note: O is not a zero; it is a capital O.