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Job Board

Many people and businesses are still operating and rely on new customers for their livelihoods. 

How to be listed here

If you have a service to offer, email information to us and we'll post it here.  Or call 801-609-4357 and leave a message with all the information you'd like listed here. Or send a suggestion for a new category on the page.


Gustavo Perez, landscaping, house washing. Call 540-817-8640

Q Stripe/Landscaping Company: line striping parking lots, interior/exterior painting,  landscaping. Free estimate, 540-705-4246 or 540-319-9220


Dora Maria Pineda Cortes, fresh bread, tortilla. Call or text 540-471-0958. 1930 Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista

Gali's Cleaning Service, Magali Perez. For a  free quote, call 540-986-6356 or write

Sparkling Homes Cleaning Co., Guadalupe Villanueva. Call or text 540-817-8480 or write


Hola! Do your children need to jump-start their language skills? Frances is a native Spanish speaker offering remote classes. Call +1-540-784-3408.

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