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Masks and 

Personal Protection Equipment

On April 3, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) called on all citizens to cover their faces when out in public. 

Our local health providers, nursing homes and first responders are in need of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and are appealing to the public for help acquiring it.

Have PPE to give

or want to make masks?

     If you have officially approved, unopened sterile PPE (personal protection equipment, such as N95 masks):

          • Drop it off at the Lexington Goodwill collection center.

          • Find information from Carilion Hospital on what it needs here

    If you are willing to sew masks for frontline workers:

         • Call Kay Lera at (540) 463-3568 to volunteer.

     For links to instructions and patterns on making cloth masks: 

         • Our neighbors in Charlottesville have a comprehensive site at Cville Craft Aid.

Need a mask?

       If you work in healthcare and your patients or colleagues need hand-sewn cotton masks:

          • Call Kay Lera at (540) 463-3568 to outline your organization's needs. 

        If you are looking for a mask for yourself or a family member:

        • Email Accacia Mullen at Make It Sew ( She is selling professionally hand-sewn masks for $6.50 each.

          • Instructions from the CDC for making masks from household items.

       If you are unable to pay for a mask:

          • Fill out our "GET HELP" form and we will find a mask for you.

      For instructions on wearing a mask:

          • NPR: "Is A Homemade Mask Effective? And What's the Best Way to Wear One?

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