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Thanks for all you do! Up for more?

Dear Friends of 50 Ways,

We continue to be so grateful for your support through the crises we are facing. We are writing today to ask you to help us with two new projects and to provide a summary of what we've accomplished so far. Since mid-March, the 50 Ways Rockbridge Community Aid group has:

  • Launched a Facebook information page dedicated to sharing key information about Covid-19 resources in our area

  • Organized, sewn, and distributed countless masks for healthcare workers, other frontline workers, and individuals in our community

  • Responded to phone calls to run errands for groceries and medication

  • Completed urgent home repairs

  • Referred numerous people to RARA for food needs and rent/utility relief

  • Partnered with community mental health agencies to train volunteers to become Community Friends, offering a friendly ear to talk through additional pressures during this crisis

  • Continued to publicize our services through email, Facebook, newspaper and radio ads, and fliers

In short, we, with the generosity of over 140 volunteers, have established an infrastructure that allows us to provide aid to those in need.  

Now we have two more requests of you:

First: We're getting ready to launch a telephone outreach campaign that will use public information to call people in our community to check in on how they are doing and see if they need any assistance.  We are neighbors calling neighbors, and we're looking for volunteers who could spend a few hours a week providing this vital service. You will be trained on how to use the phone calling database and given simple tips for how to make an effective call.  Click here: VOLUNTEER PHONE OUTREACH SIGN-UP

Second: We're asking you to fill out our "Volunteer Skills Census." 

By providing us with information on personal and professional skills you'd be willing to share, we can be more effective in matching volunteers with needs. Click here: VOLUNTEER SKILLS CENSUS

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, many thanks for all you are doing for our community. Ann, Atin, Chris, Ellen, Fio, Louise, Stephanie, Tinni

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